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E660 Charger/Power Supply AC/DC


Input VoltageAC100-240V / DC 11-18V
Display Type2x16 LCD
DC Power Supply13.8V / Max. 60W
Balance CurrentMax. 300mA/Cell
Charge Current0.1A - 6.0A
Charge Power0 - 60W
Discharge Current0.1A - 2.0A
Discharge Power10W
Memory10 different Charge/Discharge Profiles
e660 60W AC/DC
Balance Charger/Discharger/
Power Supply
As an upgraded version of e6650 charger, SkyRC e660 is not only optimized and improved in function, but also can be used as a power supply, which achieves a reasonable allocation of power between charging and power supply. With SkyRC e660 charger, you are able to power your DC equipments with separate power distributor (SK-600114-02) .
DC Power Supply
SkyRC e660 charger is integrated with DC power supply function, whose output voltage is 13.8V, and output power ranges from 10W to 60W. Max. AC charging power is 50W.Kindly beware that only when AC power source is connected, power between charging and DC output can be changeable.
Maximum support

AC Charge
For example, if 45W is seleced to charge the battery, then only 15W is left to power DC equipments. If e660 is connected to an individual power supply, then DC output function can not be activated, and charging power at this time is 60W.
Support Charing DJI Mavic Battery
Good news for DJI Mavic players, SkyRC e660 charger supports charging DJI Mavic battery, Mavic charging cable(SK-600023-06) is not included in the package. You need purchase it separately.
Optional Parts
To enrich users' purchasing options and meanwhile respect their using habits, below accessaries are optional, customers are free to buy separately.
DC Power Distributor
DJI Mavic Battery Charging Cable

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